Corrigendum for AWS Chinese learners

It is a corrigendum on AWS official online documents in mainly for the translated documents in Chinese language. The list was firstly collected when I was quickly searching for some information during AWS studying but found the information was obsoleted. Would keep it updated and maintained lively.

  1. RDS DB size threshold is wrong in Chinese version;

  2. Days between two certificate tests one candidate shall spend; The number is incorrect according to global AWS policy;

  3. Private IP is only returned after stop and “restart”.

  4. The bottom part, the words shall be “<5MB”

  5. “评估逻辑”—>”求值逻辑” This a better translation on term.

  6. S3 Doc translation:将VisibilityTimeout设置为0秒不会导致将消息移动到死信 队列。”=> “设置为0秒则消息不会移动到死信队列”


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